Born in Peru and raised in Florida, Armando has always had a passion for arts and design. He believes that the gift of imagination is the most powerful tool one can possess and exhibit. Amazing things are possible when they involve critical thinking, communication and dedication. This mindset is what set Armando on the path to become an architectural designer. His designs initiate with a concept driven narrative that evolves into form. The goal in every product is not just to create a physical space, but to create an emotional experience to the users, while also speaking to the surrounding natural environment. 

Having a multidisciplinary background in architecture, graphic design and construction documentation, Armando Luna is a Licensed Architect in the state of Florida and holds an active NCARB Certificate.

"Derived from the uniquity of one's own imagination is the endless evolution of ideas with the power to surpass the limits of reality. The offering of safer solutions for the world of tomorrow, through implementation of these ideas and emotional regulation is defined as Architecture"

- Armando Luna
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