Using different overlays of medias such as, modeling software, image editing, vector lines, and some hand drawn skills, the concept of rotation and usage of gears was pushed to visionary dimensions. The drawing explains how, like a bicycle, each floor slab is attached to a chain/rail system that connects to a primary gear core that controls the rotation of the capsule rooms. This core connects to the ground mechanical control station, which is then connected to a system of gears and bearings located underground. The seemingly infinite depth of gears all work together, the way a clock would, to control the timing of each revolution of the floors and rooms.​​​​​​​
Allowing a building to be able to move or rotate requires machinery that connects to each level to allow the rotation. The idea of an orbital system came to mind, where the planets move around the sun as a core. Giving an architectural and dynamic language to this concept, evolved to the usage of gears, tracks and a structural core. Controlled by one main mechanical room, the core is attached to a rotating cylinder bearing system which attaches on to a track/corridor and results in the revolutions of the room.
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