Located on the northern end of the campus, the main street that loops the university becomes strictly for vehicular use. To one side, there is a parking lot and a parking garage on the other. Implementing urban tactics, the road's median was widened to allow for thicker trees to flourish and provide cooler shading for pedestrian walk-ability. The parking garage's facade was replaced with a green wall to mimic the ground vegetation, and a new band of retail storefront was added to the first floor to provide more ground level programs.
The eastern side of the street holds a similar condition where as the street remains used primarily by vehicles and a stadium stands naked in the background. The median being extended not only connects pedestrians from the retail side of the street, but also provides a path to new tailgating area in front of the stadium. The stadium's facade is cladded with a perforated screen that displays the eyes of the university's mascot, the owls.
Located on the northern tip of the campus, Students of FAU are given a Champion's Center, not only to train the student athletes but the symbolize strength at the end of the campus. The Sports Complex serves as a monument as much as it does architecture, creating a Portal between the campus's built environment, and the forested historic preservation  located in the rear.
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